How to buy Reddo

You can buy a Reddo token using the below currency choices. The minimum contribution amount is 85 Reddo. Once you have Ethereum or Binance on your e-wallet you can simply send it for token purchase to Reddocoin Wallet Address. Tokens will appear in your account after payment successfully made.

Accepted Currencies and Wallets


Reddo Token Details

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About Reddocoin

Reddocoin Ecosystem

Reddo is changing the current picture of dropshipping business with a revolutionary approach. There is no need for massive investments and huge resources, even with low startup costs businesses can scale profit and expand globally.
With an innovative combination of blockchain, artificial intelligence, and software development technologies, Reddo fully automates the whole dropshipping process and manages e-commerce time-consuming duties, thus allows businesses to focus only on marketing and sales.
Reduction of transaction and business costs and simplification of the purchase process is one of our key advantages.

  • Industry Problem

    Reddocoin Solution

  • High Start Up Cost Law Startup cost
  • Slow Transactions with high fees Blockchain based platform with fast transaction /low fees
  • Impossibility of Automatization Innovative automate drop shipping business solution
  • Inconstant Communication Reddo chat tool with enhanced features
  • Lack of trust Verified seller with reliable reviews
  • Low Quality Content High profitable best-selling products
  • Fraudulent or Unauthorized Transactions Transactions executed by smart contracts
  • Custom Relationship Management Reddo CRM - Easy access to manage stats, Customers behavior and market info
Reddocoin Solution


The global dropshipping market size was valued at US$ 162.44 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach US$ 591.77 billion by 2027. Rising smartphone penetration, coupled with increasing consumer disposable income is contributing toward the growth of the E-commerce market, thereby driving the demand for dropshipping services.
As more people begin to shop online and the industry matures, the need for faster transactions, lower fees, and more accessibility increases.

Business with Reddo

Business Solution

Forget all your time-consuming duties and boost your dropshipping business with Reddo. You run ads, we power your store.

To Start Your Own Dropshipping Store Today Contact Us at [email protected]

We give you ready to use E-commerce website with different theme choice. With the full control over the admin panel you can manage the user friendly interface easily by adding your logo, changing colors, selecting beautiful fonts and so much more! Plus you have full control over the appearance of your site, along with all HTML and CSS coding.

After you choose niche and categories, our innovative thinking bot scrapes the web and automatically detects high profitable best-selling products worldwide. It’s like you have a group of your own product research assistants and category managers: (1) Filters products by the growth rate, price, and order volume, (2) collects all selected items in Reddo centralized system, and (3) imports them to the matching categories on your online store. The business has the ability to choose the domestic suppliers for fast shipping or choose the suppliers worldwide. We search, find, and offer only the top-selling and highly profitable products.

With Reddo you can use fiat money and Cryptocurrency (BTC,ETH etc.) payment gateways. By accepting crypto payment your business attracts attention from crypto news sources which increases your domain authority and improves your SEO on Google, Bing, Yandex, DuckDuckGo and more.

Silver Reddo

Installment Price On Request
WebPage X
Product Suppliers Domestic
Product Limits 20.000
Payment Gateway Stripe, Crypto
Affiliate Marketing
Subscription Fee X
Transaction Fee 3%

Gold Reddo

Installment Price On Request
Product Suppliers Domestic
Product Limits 35.000
Payment Gateway Stripe, Crypto
Affiliate Marketing
Subscription Fee X
Transaction Fee 3%

Platinum Reddo

Installment Price On Request
Product Suppliers Worldwide
Product Limits 100.000+
Payment Gateway Stripe, Crypto
Affiliate Marketing
Subscription Fee X
Transaction Fee 3%

Reddocoin App

The Gateway to Reddocoin Business Ecosystem

We are creating a multifunctional innovative Reddocoin APP. Not only will this app be home for our purchasing portal, but it will also include a one-of-a-kind social community.

It is the easiest, fastest and smartest way to accept digital payment only. Reddocoin smart application is the p2p solution for business, to have direct access over the millions of Reddo token community worldwide in a single APP.

☑ Access over the whole Reddo token community in a single app

☑ Honest customer reviews — only customers who actually bought an item will be able to comment on their customer experience

☑ CRM solution – Manage stats, Customers, and market information

☑ Ability to create promotions, make advertising campaigns, and attract more customers

☑ Integrated e-Wallet to manage its own digital assets and business profits

☑ No merchant fee, no middlemen

☑ Live chat with customers and Vendors

☑ And more

If you are a Reddo token holder, you will be able to experience the cashless purchase of goods and services and get guaranteed cashback bonuses for each of your purchases and activity. It is the easiest and fastest way to interact with the whole Reddo Token community through the Reddocoin App.

☑ Dozens of online stores allow to pay with crypto right from your wallet app

☑ Still great deals and promotions from the online stores

☑ Direct access to the top brand products

☑ Transaction transparency ensured by the blockchain technology

☑ Live chat with retailers and with the whole community

☑ Simple Reddo exchanger –buy/sell Reddo token or other cryptocurrencies

☑ Easiest way to manage your Reddo tokens, cashback, loyalty and referral bonuses

☑ And many more


Reddo Partner Program

  • 15% – invite friends on ICO presale and receive 15% bonus tokens from the total purchase
  • 30% – attract online store and receive cashback bonus from the merchant transaction fee. (e.g. if you refer a merchant who receives 50,000 USD worth of payments this month, then we get a commission of 1500 USD (3% fee) out of which you get 450 USD.)
  • 15% – receive a 15% bonus from the merchant installment fee.
Referral System ➜ How it works

Spread the word, refer a merchant and share the Raddocoin ICO referral link with your friends via private message or as a post in your social media, video or article. Every investment made from your referral gives you guaranteed rewards and bonuses.

Sign Up

After Sign Up, you  will receive your referral link

Share Link

Share link with your friend and family members

Get Bonus

Receive bonus according to your activity and  referrals

Reddo Token

Token Sale

Reddocoin is BEP-20 utility token and created to be an integral facilitator of transactions within the Reddocoin business ecosystem. Unlike many tokens that are only primarily used by customers, Reddocoin presents use cases for both customers and businesses alike.

September 2021

12% Bonus

1 Reddo =$O.34
ICO Round 1
September 28

8% Bonus

1 Reddo =$O.42
Ico Round 2
October 19

5% Bonus

1 Reddo =$O.47


Starts at 29 September 2021


  • Token Symbol Reddo
  • Token Sale Start 07 September 2021
  • Token Sale End 10 November 2021
  • Token Max Supply 350M
  • Token Initial Price at Exchange $0.60 USD
  • Softcap 2.5M USD
  • Hardcap 40M USD
  • Accepted Currencies ETH,BNB

Purchase of 35,000 Reddo and more


Purchase of 200,000 Reddo and more


Purchase of 500,000 Reddo and more


Invite a friend on ICO

Token Allocation

  • Public Sale
  • Bounty
  • Team
  • Company Reserve
  • Strategy partners
  • Presale
  • Marketing

Fund Allocation

  • Marketing Promotion
  • Platform
  • Management
  • Technological Innovation
  • Business development

Read Our Documents

Here is our full documents that help you to understand about us.

Pitch Deck

Road Map

2019 Q1
Create an idea
  • Innovative thinking search bot created
  • Dropshipping business market analyses conducted
2020 Q2-Q3
Beta Version Testing
  • Beta version of our business model Successfully tested
  • Strategic partnership with wholesale vendors and manufacturers.
2021 Q2
Reddo Token
  • Reddotoken created
2021 Q3-2022 Q1
  • Presale Starts
  • Public sale of Reddo Token
  • Attract more potential dropshippers in Reddocoin business ecosystem.
  • Reddocoin listing on coinsbit and Pancakeswap
2022 Q2-Q3
Development Phase Ends
⦁ Completion of the platform development phase ⦁ First 100 online stores in Reddocoin business ecosystem ⦁ Reddo token listing on Main Exchange platforms ⦁ Reddocoin multifunctional Application (without exchange option)
2022 Q4
Add Exchange Option
⦁ Add exchange option in Reddocoin Application ⦁ Expansion on Global markets
2023 Q1
Reddocoin Reaches Worldwide
⦁ 300 retailers on the Reddocoin platform worldwide ⦁ Reddocoin strategic alliances and initiatives continue ⦁ The team will keep you updated, the main focus on marketing and community growth
Reddocoin Team


Team is comprised of 20 highly qualified specialists, such as developers, programmers, project managers, designers, attorneys, economists, and financiers. Many of them have extensive experience in blockchain, artificial intelligence, and software development and have already helped successfully implement innovative projects. We are familiar with E-commerce, understand the customers’ needs, and know about the industry’s trends and challenges

Anzor Nishnianidze

Software architect and full stack developer. He holds a Diploma in Microelectronics and Computer Systems. He has up to 15 years of working experience including position as Cyber Security Engineer and Senior Software Engineer at different companies in U.S and Israel. Entered the blockchain industry in 2015 years as a smart contract specialist.

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